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Did You Perform CPR on a Guy in Midtown Last Week?

Saved any lives here recently?

On October 5th, 40-year-old Canadian tourist Jason Kroft suffered a heart attack and collapsed on the corner of Sixth Avenue and 45th Street. As Kroft began turning blue on the sidewalk, his wife and kids yelled for help, which appeared in the form of a 40-ish redheaded man dressed in a blue jacket and dress pants. The good Samaritan put his briefcase under Kroft’s head and began performing CPR while a bunch of less useful people stood by and watched. The stranger pumped Kroft’s chest so hard that he broke several of his ribs, but the doctors at St. Luke’s (an ambulance eventually arrived and transported Kroft to the hospital) say that the quick action saved his life. Kroft’s family never got a chance to speak to the guy, who “vanished into the Midtown crowd, without saying a word.” They’ve since canvassed Times Square with posters bearing a phone number and request for “our hero” to step forward so they can thank him in person. 

Did You Do CPR on a Guy in Midtown Last Week?