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Donald Trump Makes President Obama an Offer He Will Definitely Refuse

Yesterday, thanks to a tweet from hedge-funder and CNBC contributor Douglas Kass, it appeared the Donald Trump had somehow, some way, gotten his hands on some old Obama divorce papers of legend. Amazingly, that rumor ended up setting the bar much too high. It turns out that Trump’s “very big” revelation was that he still wants to see President Obama’s college records, the ones that some right-wing conspiracy nuts believe would show that Obama got into Columbia as a foreign exchange student from Indonesia. Trump would also like to see Obama’s passport records, which would prove … something Muslim about Obama, probably. In fact, Trump wants to see these documents so badly, that he’s offering to donate $5 million to charity if Obama releases them by October 31. And that’s it. That’s the whole thing.

So we didn’t learn anything new about President Obama today, but we did learn something new about ourselves: However low our expectations of Donald Trump were before, they were not low enough. Perhaps, they can never be low enough.

Donald Trump’s Big Scoop: Asking Obama for Docs