Doug Kass Has Learned a Lesson About Starting Twitter Rumors

Doug Kass.

From about Tuesday morning until noon on Wednesday, the whole world was under the impression that Donald Trump’s allegedly “very big” announcement might have something to do with some secret Obama divorce papers of conservative legend. That buzz originated with a single tweet from CNBC contributor and hedge-fund honcho Doug Kass — one which Trump’s spokesman didn’t deny.

Of course, as we all now know, Trump didn’t have any Obama divorce papers. He didn’t have anything at all, actually, except for an offer to maybe (but probably not) help some needy children.

So Kass was wrong. But he’s learned his lesson about tweeting rumors … kind of. When we asked Kass over e-mail whether he regretted his tweet in retrospect, he replied:

Perhaps as the Jewish Proverb goes, what you dont see with your eyes, dont witness with you mouth! It was a rumor. I passed it on. Nothing more. I guess most rumors are more exciting than the truth!

Particularly true when it comes to Trump.

Doug Kass on Starting Obama Divorce Rumor