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Heilemann on Charlie Rose: Obama’s Strategy for Draining Romney’s Resources

Though you won’t hear any Obama advisers admit it in public, New York’s John Heilemann tells Charlie Rose (in an interview with Game Change co-author Mark Halperin) that the campaign probably knows Obama won’t win Florida or North Carolina. So why keep pouring money into a state they can’t take? Heilemann explains that it forces the Romney campaign to do the same, and “gives them a better chance to do what they need to do in Ohio, where they have had this advantage, even if it’s narrowed now, and in Virginia, which really is a toss-up state.” While many anticipated that Romney and the Republicans would have a massive financial advantage, the president has been “raising money at an incredibly furious clip,” and “has enough money to play that game with the map.”

Heilemann: Obama’s Strategy for Draining Romney