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Idiots in the Storm: A Roundup of Those Who Just Had to Hang With Sandy

So Hurricane Sandy was really no joke bringing wind, floods, and fire throughout the East Coast. The full devastation brought to the region has yet to be determined. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Mayor Michael Bloomberg were serious and direct with how they felt about anyone who tempted Sandy’s fate: “If you’re staying there, you’re just stupid,” Christie said of evacuation zones in his state. But apocalyptic weather situations do bring out the wacky in some, like these people who just had to go out and experience Hurricane Sandy for themselves. Instead of, you know, staying home and hoping the lights stayed on and streets stayed dry.

Like this guy, jetskiing in the New York Harbor. Newscaster: “This guy’s really distracting I have to tell you.”

Over in Atlantic City, we are treated to a trio of bros doing jumping jacks and sloshing around shirtless behind the CNN team:

And these folks, possibly dancing “Gangnam Style” behind a reporter in Virginia:

A hurricane is really the time to try and “drift” in a Miata:

This motorcyclist can barely stand but is out for one last “extreme” ride:

Is anything worth salvaging if it requires balancing precariously on scaffolding?

Tossing sharp knives into the air during gale force winds is not something we recommend:

Hurricane Sandy: Idiots in the Storm