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Bike Delivery Guys Are Less Than Thrilled About Their New Safety Class

On Thursday, the City Council followed through on its threat to make delivery food take even longer by passing a package of bills that crack down on scofflaw cyclists, and it threw in an extra layer of discomfiture for riders on top of the orange vests they now must wear: They have to go to safety classes. Employers will pay for those classes, and the new safety gear they’ll be supplying to their riders (including a reflective vest with the business’s name and a three-digit ID code on it). This does not sit well with the delivery guys — or at least one pizza delivery man who told The Wall Street Journal that he isn’t the one who needs the safety class. “We don’t try and hurt anyone — I’m worried about my safety too,” said Hanany Kamel, who works for Papa Johns. “I have four kids at home that I try to ride safe for. Many times the light is green and pedestrians are crossing the street and putting my life in danger.” Not to mention holding hot pizzas hostage.

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