Jeb Bush Responds to New York

In this week’s New York, Joe Hagan examines the past, present, and future of the Bush dynasty, the latter of which rests in the hands of former Florida governor Jeb Bush and any White House aspirations he may or may not possess. Bush’s response to the piece, in the form of a letter to the editor, is reprinted in its entirety below.

New York Magazine’s piece “Jeb Bush’s Complicated Legacy” is full of inaccuracies about me and my family.

Two things my parents taught my siblings and me were to serve our country with honor and integrity and unconditionally love and support each other. They did this for us and we now strive to pass these same principles on to our children and grandchildren. My father and brother served their country with integrity, honor and grace.  I am honored to be part of their legacy.  Our country owes them a debt of gratitude for their leadership during incredibly difficult times.

I believe our country and its political parties can have a good, open debate about the way forward.I know it can be done because I’ve seen it happen.  I experienced it during my eight years of service as Florida’s governor. It is wrong to suggest that seeking common ground, working together to find solutions to today’s challenging problems and being conservative are mutually exclusive.

President Reagan and my dad are examples of presidents who put aside political talking points and put policy solutions above political wins.  This summer I stated, “…they would have a hard time if you define the Republican party — and I don’t — as having an orthodoxy that doesn’t allow for disagreement, doesn’t allow for finding some common ground…” Many have ignored the “and I don’t,” and that has led them to inaccurate conclusions.

Lastly, my increased media appearances this summer have been to discuss substantive policy issues and support Governor Romney for President.  In fact, it was for this reason I agreed to an interview with Mr. Hagan.  We discussed complex issues, namely the need for comprehensive education and immigration reform.  That was the extent of my involvement.  I hope readers and reporters will beware of unnamed sources who falsely presume to have inside insights and information about my family and me.

Jeb Bush 
Miami, FL