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Lady Gaga Had Dinner With Julian Assange for Some Reason

Assange’s Glinda costume needs some work.

Being holed up in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London is working out pretty well for Julian Assange. Aside from finally finding time to write that book, he’s meeting a surprising number of celebrities for a guy who can’t walk outside, lest he be extradited to Sweden to face rape charges. On Monday night Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself with the WikiLeaks founder online, and according to the Australian they spent about five hours together and shared a meal. The Atlantic Wire notes that their dinner may have been inspired by M.I.A., who Tweeted at Gaga on Sunday night, “if ur at harrods today , come visit Assange at the Ecuador embassy across the st. im there. ill bring TEA and CAKE.” There’s no word on what the two talked about, but we’re guessing they commiserated about how much they both hate being the center of attention.

Lady Gaga and Julian Assange Had Dinner Together