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Mom Charged With Slapping Daughter’s Bully Says Driver Let Her on the School Bus

Larry Darling via Flickr

The mother of a bullied 9-year-old New Jersey girl, arrested for allegedly boarding the girl’s school bus and slapping her tormenters while the girl’s grandmother cursed them out, says she didn’t lay a finger on the two boys she’s accused of hitting. She doesn’t deny the pair boarded the bus to confront the girl’s bullies, however. Whatever happened to this poor girl at school sounds awful: “She had to write it on a piece of paper because she was so embarrassed. She was hysterical,” the mother, Rebecca Sardoni, told the Asbury Park Press. Sardoni said she had contacted the school, but not the police, because she thought the school was going to take care of the problem. But Sardoni told the paper that on Friday she wanted to tell the kids’ bus driver what happened. It was the bus driver, she said, who “called for a boy named Vinny and allowed Sardoni to go to the back of the bus to address the boy,” thus starting the confrontation that has Sardoni charged with trespassing and assault, and leaving her daughter presumably at wits’ end wondering what’s wrong with all the grown-ups she deals with.

New Jersey Mom Charged With Slapping Kid’s Bully