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Ray Dalio’s Giant Money Palace Will (Probably) Have a Helipad

Photo: Istockphoto and Getty

Ray Dalio, the founder and mentor of hedge megafund Bridgewater Associates, is a man in a hurry. He’s got clients to woo, radical transparency to enforce, taxidermied birds to shuttle around the world.

So color us unsurprised that Dalio has built a helipad right into the plans for Bridgewater’s new Stamford, Connecticut, headquarters:

According to the Stamford Advocate, Dalio’s new digs will be nothing short of palatial if built as proposed:

Made up of two long, curved buildings joined in the center by bridges and paths, the structure is poised to become the most striking presence on the Stamford coastline. The project’s goal, according to the coastal site plan application, is “to house a corporation in an environment that fosters personal interaction and a strong connection to the living world.”

The Rayplex will also feature “a floating recreational barge, a restored estuary and a marina,” in addition to the aforementioned helipad.

But getting the go-ahead won’t be so simple. According to the Advocate, some Stamfordians have objected to the proposed Bridgewater campus, which is “significantly larger than originally proposed.”

Now, granted, they haven’t met Dalio yet. We’re guessing any opponents of Bridgewater’s plans will stand down once Ray peers into their souls and identifies the discrete, quantifiable amounts of sympathy embedded on their personal baseball cards.

Or, you know, bribes them with helicopter rides.

Ray Dalio’s Money Palace Will Have Helipad