Congressman Accused of Cheating During Debate Just Likes Writing on His Hand

Time to get a notebook.

In other debate news, Mitt Romney isn’t the only candidate who got conspiracy theorists buzzing by taking banned materials to the podium. As it turned out, Romney’s “notes” were just a hankie, and Iowa Representative Steve King says the writings on his hand, which were spotted by eagle-eyed viewers of his debate against Christie Vilsack, were similarly innocuous. “The congressman’s got a habit of writing things on his hand. He does it when he’s on the House floor, he does it when he’s campaigning, he does it when he’s with constituents,” spokesman Jimmy Centers tells Politico. “Tuesday he was at the Romney rally in Van Meter, he visited his mother in the nursing home, and then his wife reminded him to smile and he drew a smiley face on his finger.” Unfortunately Centers has “no idea” what was on King’s hand during the debate. “No talking about rape“? “Don’t ask kids about abortion“? “Wash hand before debate”? That’s probably it.

Rep. Caught With Notes Written on Hand in Debate