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Law & Order’s Richard Belzer Treats Fox to Rape Joke, Nazi Salute

Appearing on Fox’s Good Day New York this morning, Law & Order: SVU actor Richard Belzer was saucy (sauced?) with the show’s hosts, apparently out of protest against the network. When Belzer was asked if his resemblance to co-anchor Dave Price was enough for Price to play Belzer’s brother on the show, he responded, “If he gets molested and banged in the ass.” As the segment ended, Belzer then threw up a Nazi salute and said, “Sieg heil to all your colleagues in the other division,” something the Jewish actor’s rep told TMZ was meant as a “satirical gesture toward Fox News … whose ideology he is opposed to.” That thud was Belzer’s point landing.

Richard Belzer Gives Fox Rape Joke, Nazi Salute