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Third Most Evil Koch Brother Still Really Evil

TOM HARDY as Bane in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Legendary Pictures’ action thriller “THE DARK KNIGHT RISES,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. TM and ? DC Comics
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When liberals talk about “the Koch brothers,” they mean Charles and David Koch, the oil billionaires who have financed large chunks of the right-wing political and policy infrastructure. But they have another brother named William who is significantly less evil than Charles and David, but still evil enough to do things like hold a man prisoner at his remote mountain fortress:

Former Oxbow Senior Vice President Kirby Martensen alleged that an unrelated company probe revealed his misgivings over the purported effort by Oxbow Carbon & Minerals LLC. As a result, Martensen said, he was falsely imprisoned by Koch’s agents and interrogated at a remote Colorado estate as part of an attempt to intimidate him. 

The story does not explain how Martensen escaped. I’m guessing that Koch tried to crush his spirit by leaving an opening where he could climb to freedom and dramatically overestimated the difficulty of making it out.

Third Most Evil Koch Brother Still Really Evil