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In Chronological Order, the Emotions Experienced When Your College Classmate Sells His Tech Start-up for $10 Million

Not my college classmate. Photo: iStockphoto

1. “Shit.”

2. “Good for him.”

3. “Shit.”

4. “The alumni giving office is gonna hound his ass.”

5. “Better than making it at Goldman, I guess.”

6. “Did he even major in comp sci?”

7. “Why didn’t I major in comp sci?”

8. “It’s great that young entrepreneurs can still grow successful businesses right here in America. God bless capitalism in all its forms.”

9. “Seriously, I had time for Suppression and Invention in Modern Persian Literature, but not Intro to Programming?”

10. “I mean, after taxes and with a co-founder split, his stake is probably only worth … let’s see … shit.”


When Your College Classmate Sells His Start-Up