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Would-be Victim of Alleged Brooklyn Serial Killer Saved by a Customer

Photo: DCPI

For amateur crime solvers still fiddling with theories in the case of Salvatore Perrone, the alleged Brooklyn serial killer, the New York Daily News has two more potential victims for you, one of whom appears to have been saved by a customer’s lucky last-minute shopping trip. Owners of two different stores in Midwood — Crown Shoes and New Events Flower Shop, both on Coney Island Avenue, have said they saw the alleged slayer of three Brooklyn merchants at their businesses. Crown Shoes owner Jacob Hamula even saw Perrone drop by his shop once, and then a second time around closing time, when he’s thought to have struck his other three alleged victims, the Daily News reports, quoting an unnamed police source: “He’s got the same duffel bag, but a customer comes in and he gets scared off.” That was on November 14, the day before Perrone allegedly shot and killed his third victim, the 78-year-old Rahmatollah Vahidipour at his shop in Bay Ridge. Hamula first declined to comment to the Daily News but then said he felt happy and relieved, which, yeah.

Alleged Brooklyn Serial Killer Had a Near Miss