Anderson Cooper Reports That the Explosions in Gaza Are Rather Loud

CNN’s Anderson Cooper had a front-row seat last night to the conflict in Gaza, where at least 91 Palestinians have been killed and 700 wounded, including 200 children, along with three Israeli civilians. “Whoa!” Cooper said, ducking, as the sky lit up behind him. “That was a rather large explosion.” Then he got right back to reporting to the best of his ability: “I can’t actually see where the impact of that was,” Cooper said, but he did confirm “that one was pretty loud,” maybe even the loudest he’d heard. “I mean, I can’t tell if it was bigger than some that have occurred farther away. … But that was definitely the largest explosion closest to the location of where we are right now.” More detailed reports of the sustained attacks are available from the Associated Press and New York Times. “It is a very eerie feeling,” said Cooper from heart of it. “It’s a very strange feeling.”

Anderson Cooper Scared by Explosion in Gaza