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Billionaire May Lose Gun Privileges Over Mystery Tantrum

Hot off the infamous temper tantrum that got him banned from Nobu, the billionaire who calls himself Stewie Rah Rah, Number One Fun Guy finds himself in another bit of trouble over … something. Whatever it is Stewart Rahr is accused of doing or saying during a “heated exchange” with an elevator operator at Trump Tower — the details aren’t out yet, according to the New York Times, but we have faith it’s a story we’ll hear soon — it was enough for police to confiscate two handguns and suspend his gun license while they investigate. They also took Rahr to a hospital for psychological evaluation. Rahr’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said it was a “minor incident” that wouldn’t result in any “formal proceedings.” Still, that makes two blow-outs with customer service staff in less than two weeks, by our count. As he once told Daily Intel’s Julie Earle-Levine, “Rah Rah is a very busy boy.”

Billionaire May Lose Gun Over Mystery Tantrum