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Bronx Kids Found Safe After Dad’s Alleged Kidnapping, Carjacking

Cops are looking for a man they say kidnapped his two children while shooting at their mother and trying to light her Bronx apartment on fire, then carjacked someone at gunpoint for an escape vehicle, all with the kids in tow. Fortunately, the kids were found in the stolen Honda about nine hours after the 5 a.m. kidnapping, but the suspect, Fitz Edwards, is still at large. A neighbor told the New York Daily News Edwards shooed his 5-year-old daughter out into the night wearing just a T-shirt: “She had no socks, no sneakers. And someone was here, I couldn’t see them from the peephole. They were telling her, ‘Oh come on! run, run, run.’ It was a man’s voice. She just went along and went down the stairs.” Edwards made it about three blocks on foot before he allegedly held up the owner of a 2005 Honda, police said. All in all it’s a hell of an alleged crime wave to bring the kids on.

Bronx Kids Safe After Dad’s Alleged Kidnapping