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Chris Christie Won’t Tolerate Long Showers, Questions About Politics

Seriously, lather, rinse, repeat — it shouldn’t take that long.

At a news conference on Wednesday night, Chris Christie announced that he’s issuing mandatory water use restrictions for New Jersey because power outages are straining the state’s water-treatment system. Residents are prohibited from watering lawns or landscaping and washing cars or pavement. Plus, the governor said people shouldn’t leave faucets running and “maybe take a little bit of a shorter shower.”

Christie also made it clear that he isn’t interested in discussing political issues. When asked if he believed the extreme weather was caused by climate change, he said he had no opinion “because I don’t have time to think about it,” adding. “My day is consumed by a million different details right now, none of which involve global warming.” Nor does he have time to worry about what the world thinks of his bromance with President Obama. “I’m aware of all the atmospherics. I’m not in a coma. But the fact is, I don’t care,” said Christie, “There will be some folks who will criticize me for complimenting him. Well, you know what? I speak the truth. That’s what I always do.”

Chris Christie Restricts NJ Water Usage