One Week in, Eric Dondero Hasn’t Totally Stuck to His Boycott

Eric Dondero. Photo: libertarianrepublican.net

It was just more than a week ago that Eric Dondero embarked on a daunting mission which he hoped would grow into a nationwide movement: a complete and total boycott of Democrats. Curious about how it was going so far, we asked Dondero for an update. He told us it actually hasn’t been that difficult for him, with one exception. “On a personal level, yes, it’s been tough, but only in one regard,” he wrote in an e-mail. “A lifelong friend in Delaware, had to let her go. She’s taken it not well at all. Neither am I.” But such is the price of a completely voluntary personal crusade.

However, while Dondero is cutting ties with close friends, he admitted to communicating with Democrats in certain cases. “Alan Colmes,” he said. “I broke down and did his show. Though, I told his producer to fuck off at first. That’s become a bit of a standard procedure with the liberal media for me. I feel if I tell them to fuck off at first, then I’ve lived up to my vow.” (Indeed, Dondero told us to “fuck off and shove your silly little communist rag up your ass” when we first contacted him last week, although he did not reiterate the sentiment this time.)

Despite his slipups, the scope of Dondero’s boycott only seems to be growing. “I’m also now urging folks to not send money to any relief agencies that assist blue states,” he says. “And certainly not to spend any money on products made in blue states, or tourist dollars in those states.” The color blue is still kosher … for now.

Eric Dondero Has Not Stuck to His Boycott