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Former Etan Patz Suspect Is Released From Prison, Immediately Arrested

Etan Patz. Photo: wikipedia?Patz Imaging 2006

Jose Ramos, who was the prime suspect in the murder of Etan Patz before Pedro Hernandez came forward in May, was released from a prison in Pennsylvania today after serving 27 years for sexually abusing a young boy, but he wasn’t free for long. As a registered sex offender Ramos is required to tell police where he’ll be residing, but when police looked into the address he provided for an apartment in the Bronx, they found his cousin had moved and wouldn’t let Ramos stay with her. “As soon as he walked out of the main gate into the free world, we arrested him,” said Lieutenant Richard L. Krawetz of the State Police. Ramos’s bail was set at $75,000, so for the time being both suspects in the Patz case will remain behind bars.

Etan Patz Suspect Is Released, Arrested Again