An Exhaustive Collection of Presidential Pundit Predictions [Updated]

Every four years, our nation falls under the sway of a tribe of political Brahmins who boast of their ability to tell us who is going to be president, and why. The moment the election is over, the magic spell of the pundit (from Sanskrit: someone who is erudite in various subjects; thanks Wikipedia!) is broken, and we can all wallow in the very wrongness of all but a very few of them. So, to prepare for that lovely moment of schadenpunditfreude, Daily Intel has collected all known predictions by the political chattering class from our Instant Politics participants, the Washington Post, the Awl, the Blaze, and Twitter, among other sources, tabulated by electoral and popular vote prognostications for your convenience.

Whatever happens, make sure to get your gloating in quickily. As Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey told us: “If I’m wrong, this e-mail will self-destruct in five campaign-commercial seconds.”

Who Will Win? Electoral Votes Popular Vote Winner Margin of Victory
Alexis Ohanian Obama 314 Obama 4
Ari Fleischer Romney 271
Bhaskar Sunkara Obama 290 Obama 3
Buzz Bissinger Obama 317 Obama 2
Chris Cillizza Obama 277 Obama 1.6
Christina Bellantoni Obama 290 Obama 0.7
Cokie Roberts Obama 294 tie
David Gergen Obama 6
David Weigel Romney 276 Romney
Dick Morris Romney 325
Donna Brazile Obama 313 Obama 4.6
Ed Morrissey Romney 311 Romney 4
George Will Romney 321 Obama 1.3
Glenn Beck Romney 321
Jamelle Bouie Obama 303 Obama 1.5
Jennifer Granholm Obama 303
Jim Cramer Obama 440 Obama 10
John McWorter Obama n/a Obama "a hair or three"
Josh Barro Obama 305 Obama 2.3
Juan Williams Obama 298 Romney 1
Karl Rove Romney 279 Romney 3
Kevin Eder Romney 281
Larry Kudlow Romney 330
Larry O'Connor Romney 295
Larry Sabato Obama 290 Obama 1
Leslie Sanchez Romney 275 Romney 2
Markos Moulitsas Obama 303 Obama 2.8
Matthew Dowd Obama 303 Obama 0.8
Melissa Harris-Perry Obama 290 Obama 3
Michael Barone Romney 315
Newt Gingrich Romney 315
Paul Begala Obama 297
Reid Cherlin Obama 285 Obama 3
Reid Williams Obama 294 Obama 1.4
Robert Reich Obama 285 Obama 4
Ron Brownstein Obama 288 Obama 0.6
Ezra Klein Obama 290
Steven Rattner Obama 290+
Pat Buchanan Romney "just over 270"
Eleanor Clift Obama 300+
Clarene Page Obama 280
John McLaughlin Romney 281
Sam Wang Obama 332 Obama 2.2%
Drew Linzer Obama 332
Simon Jackman Obama 332 Obama 1.7%
Ross Douthat Obama 271 Obama 0.5%
Ben Domenech Romney 278
Xu Cheng Obama 303
Dean Chambers Romney 275 Romney 1.79
Joe Trippi Obama 303
Nate Cohn Obama 270+ Obama
Economist/YouGov Obama 303
Reuters/Ipsos Obama 294
Public Policy Polling Obama 332
Nate Silver / 538 Obama 307
inTrade Obama 303
An Exhaustive Collection of Pundit Predictions