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Former St. John’s Dean Kills Herself After Testifying

Cecilia Chang, a disgraced former institute dean at St. John's University, previously accused of embezzling more than a $1 million from the school, also forced students to perform demeaning personal labor for her and her abusive son by threatening to take away their federally funded scholarships.
Cecilia Chang. Photo: Splash News

Former St. John’s University dean Cecilia Chang — who earned the moniker “Dean of Mean” — was found hanging this morning inside her home, after also attempting to slit her wrists and poison herself with gas from her fireplace, the Post reports. Just yesterday, Chang, who is on trial for allegedly embezzling $1,000,000 from the school and forcing students to work as her personal servants, testified on her own behalf with disastrous results. The judge in the case, Sterling Johnson Jr., speculated this morning that the suicide “could be one of the reasons that she wanted to testify. Sayonara. Get it off her chest.”

Former St. John’s Dean Kills Herself