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Gambinos, Hell’s Angels, and Westies Indicted for Loan Shark Supergroup

Hand With Brass Knuckles, Close-up, B&w --- Image by ? Laurent Hamels/PhotoAlto/Corbis
Photo: Laurent Hamels/? Corbis. All Rights Reserved.

Today in screenplay ideas: The FBI’s indictment of an unlikely loan shark trio in Brooklyn features James Ferrara, an associate of the Gambino crime family; Daniel Hanley, a member of the Irish-American gang the Westies; and Peter Kanakis, from the Hell’s Angels spin-off the Demon Knights. “Allegedly members of three different organized crime enterprises, these defendants nevertheless banded together and spoke the same language of violence, threats, and intimidation to their victims,” said U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch, citing the use of brass knuckles, a baseball bat, and a gun that “narrowly” missed. “With alleged involvement of the Gambinos, Westies, and Hell’s Angels,” said NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly, “this case hit the trifecta of loansharking and extortion.” The diplomacy at play is, understandably, overshadowed.

Gambinos, Hell’s Angels, Westies Busted Together