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Newt Gingrich Laments Lack of Billionaire Buddies on the Colbert Report

Following his Election Night epiphany, Newt Gingrich revealed on Tuesday’s Colbert Report that he’s also come to a new realization about super-PACs. Though they enabled Gingrich’s friend Sheldon Adelson to pour millions into his campaign and produce a half-hour anti-Romney film, Gingrich now says they’re going to be “very negative and very destructive of our system.” Sure, Gingrich had one absurdly wealthy backer, but he was no match for Romney’s 26 billionaire buddies. “That would be a great reality show: Billionaire Fight,” remarked Colbert. “We just had it,” said Gingrich. “It was called the election.”

Gingrich Laments Lack of Billionaire Buddies