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Glenn Beck Keeps It Classy by Selling a Jar of His ‘Urine’ for $25,000

Glenn Beck’s supposed urine, via

Roger Ailes must be gnashing his teeth with frustration after letting Fox News part ways with such a brave First Amendment crusader as Glenn Beck. The talk show host and newly debuted experimental artist claims to be making a point about freedom of expression by offering for sale one jar of his own urine containing a Barack Obama figurine. His website breathlessly covered the “shocking” stunt, which was part of Beck’s discussion of a controversial painting of Obama posed as Jesus: “While some may find it surprising that Glenn would support the right for a person to paint a picture of Obama as Christ, he said it all goes to the Constitution — the one irrefutable piece of art which gives people the freedom.” Full stop, for some reason. Even though this is probably fake urine — BuzzFeed points out that it looks wrong, and it’s also a hell of a lot more than anybody could pee even in a couple trips to the bathroom — the worst part about this whole thing is the little wet spot on the table in the close-up photo of Beck’s work. The icing on the urinal cake.

Update: Apparently Beck admitted later the liquid was not urine after all, but beer. So not worth the $25,000 now.

Glenn Beck Selling Jar of ‘Urine’ for $25,000