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Israel Pairing Air Strikes With Twitter Warfare

Photo: Twitter

An air strike killed Hamas military leader Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabar and a second Palestinean official today in Gaza City, and was followed by an intense bit of chest-thumping online by the official Twitter account of the Israel Defense Forces. After announcing the “widespread campaign on terror sites & operatives,” the IDF spokesperson proceeded to live-tweet action, including YouTube videos and unequivocal threats like the one seen above, complete with the designated hashtag #.

The social media and real-life assaults are ongoing and more than a bit startling, combining the strong declarations of war with the immediacy and promotional aspects of the Internet, using lingo such as “in case you missed it” and memelike photos designed for maximum virality:

Whether the PR campaign is seen as triumphant, insensitive, transparent, or some combination thereof, the message is loud and clear.

IDF Pairing Air Strikes With Twitter Warfare