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What Joe Scarborough Would Look Like With Ten Famous Mustaches

According to the terms of his bet with David Axelrod, MSNBC Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough must now grow a mustache, as President Obama has all but officially won Florida (which happens to be the state that sent Scarborough to Congress in 1994.) Although the duration of the mustache remains unclear — and may only last for a day or two, for all we know — Scarborough faces an important decision. After all, the variety of mustaches in existence may outnumber the very stars in our universe. Perhaps Scarborough will be inspired by some of the greatest mustaches throughout history, ten of which we have transplanted, with the magic of Photoshop, onto his face.

Gene Shalit:

Charlie Chaplin:

Tom Selleck:

John Waters:

Ron Swanson:

John Stossel:



Groucho Marx (with bonus eyebrows):

Salvador Dalí:

Joe Scarborough With Ten Famous Mustaches