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New Yorkers Suddenly Remember What Exactly They Had in Those Storage Lockers

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 29: People take photographs in flood water in the Meatpacking District on October 29, 2012 in Manhattan, New York. Hurricane Sandy, which threatens 50 million people in the Mid-Atlantic area of the United States, is expected to bring days of rain, high winds and possibly heavy snow. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the closure of all New York City bus, subway and commuter rail services as of Sunday evening. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

Two Manhattan Mini-Storage facilities in Chelsea experienced significant basement flooding due to Hurricane Sandy, though many of their customers only learned of the damage a week later, when they showed up to find their belongings water-logged, moldy, and often piled on the sidewalk. (An e-mail sent to customers warned that “the continued presence of these items in the building now represents an immediate health and safety threat.”) Film producer and director Mira Chang told the New York Post that she’d archived her entire life’s work in a $90-a-month basement unit. “I realized all of that was gone,” she said. Manhattan Mini-Storage probably isn’t going to come up with a funny ad for this one. 

New Yorkers Suddenly Remember Storage Lockers