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Newark Police Broke Out the Pepper Spray at a Violent City Council Meeting

Newark Mayor Cory Booker got a lot of attention for personally soothing his battered city after Hurricane Sandy, but he does not have the same effect on the city council. When he made a rare appearance at Tuesday’s meeting to cast the deciding vote for political ally Shanique Davis Speight, their opponents revolted, rushing the dais when she was going to be sworn in, according to NJ.com. “Police restrained the group as they toppled a podium and residents were caught in the rush. When Muhammad would not give way, an officer doused him with pepper spray, along with residents, reporters and at least one other officer.” One political opponent of Booker’s, Central Ward Councilman Darrin Sharif, quickly took the opportunity to get in a crack at the mayor, who he said was “literally in the back of the room, hiding in the shadows” during the fracas. Booker has clearly gotten people too used to seeing him rush into the path of danger.

Newark City Council Meeting Gets Violent