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Nor’easter Has No Sympathy for Hurricane Sandy Victims

The new storm we were warned about late last week did not have a change of heart and turn around over the weekend after seeing the prolonged devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy. The nor’easter, which we will not grace with a playful nickname, is now expected within 50 miles of the New Jersey coast on Wednesday, the AP reports, bringing “winds of up to 55 mph, coastal flooding, up to 2 inches of rain along the shore, and several inches of snow to Pennsylvania and New York.” Mayor Bloomberg has stopped short of issuing evacuations for now, but those already affected are on alert. “It’s going to impact many areas that were devastated by Sandy,” said the National Weather Service’s lead forecaster, Bruce Terry. “It will not be good.” While the Weather Channel insists “this nor’easter will not be near the intensity of Superstorm Sandy,” we are having a hard time feeling comforted.

Nor’easter Has No Sympathy for Hurricane Victims