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Police Still Have Nothing on Pedro Hernandez, Won’t Call Off Investigation

Photo: wikipedia?Patz Imaging 2006

Though Pedro Hernandez’s next court date was postponed twice to give investigators more time to find evidence linking him to the 1979 murder of 6-year-old Etan Patz, days before his next hearing they still have nothing solid — though not for lack of trying. Sources tell the Post that investigators have interviewed more than 300 friends, relatives, and acquaintances, searched six locations, scoured three of Hernandez’s computers, and analyzed eight cell phones, yet they still can’t verify Hernandez’s confession. “It’s like whipping a dead horse,” one source said. “The Police Department doesn’t want the D.A.’s office to have the ability to say that they don’t want to present the case to a grand jury because the police didn’t do a thorough enough job.” The Manhattan D.A.’s office is still planning to convene a grand jury and seek an indictment, but it’s unclear if that will happen before Hernandez appears in court on Thursday.

Police Still Have Nothing on Pedro Hernandez