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Puerto Rico Votes to Become 51st State, Will Almost Certainly Not Become 51st State

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For the first time ever, a majority of Puerto Ricans voted for full-blown statehood in a plebiscite yesterday. The island territory had previously voted to maintain its status as a territory of the United States in 1967, 1993, and 1998. But, regardless of the latest vote, it won’t become a state without approval from Congress and the president. Obama would support Puerto Rican statehood, but a Republican-controlled House? That seems like a long shot. Keep in mind that Puerto Rico would get two senators, about five congressmen, and about seven electoral votes as a state, and Latinos don’t seem too fond of the GOP these days. Then again, rejecting Puerto Rican statehood would only make that problem worse.

Puerto Rico Votes to Become 51st State