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Frank Rich on Maddow: John McCain’s ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Foreign Policy

John McCain has been so busy demanding information about the attack in Benghazi that he was unable to attend a briefing on the subject last week, and now his ability to analyze the situation in Gaza is also suffering. On Face the Nation, McCain said that “we’re crumbling all over the Middle East because of the light footprint policy of the Obama administration.” New York’s Frank Rich deciphered his remarks on Rachel Maddow. Rich says that McCain’s approach to foreign policy is “one-size-fits-all bomb, bomb, bomb, fill in the blank.” He adds, “I guess Obama has a light footprint, whatever that means, because he doesn’t want to bomb everybody, arm everybody, and be a bull in a china shop in the Middle East.”

Rich: McCain’s One-Size-Fits-All Foreign Policy