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The Rockaways Won’t See a Subway Train Anytime Soon

So far, all we’ve known about the damage to the A train tracks that connect the Rockaways with the rest of the subway system is that it was immense. We haven’t gotten a timeline for when they would be repaired. But on Wednesday a source within the MTA told NY1 that the neighborhood wouldn’t have direct subway service restored until, brace yourself, next summer. The storm destroyed the tracks over Jamaica Bay and the bed on which they sat, so it’s a huge job to fix them. But somehow putting it in those terms — we’ll be wearing shorts by the time the neighborhood’s commute gets back to normal — makes normalcy seem very far away. For now, neighborhood residents have the H train-to-bus connection, some new ferries, and of course driving. But be very careful if you’re shopping for a used car these days. The storm affected plenty of them, too.

Rockaways Won’t See a Subway Train Anytime Soon