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Accused Subway Pusher Says the Victim Started It


Naeem Davis, the homeless man charged with second-degree murder for allegedly pushing a Queens father onto the subway tracks, was denied bail last night at a court hearing, where he blamed the other guy. “He attacked me first. He grabbed me,” the 30-year-old Davis told reporters, in reference to 58-year-old Korean immigrant Ki-Suck Han. According to his defense attorney Stephen Pokart, two out of three witnesses failed to pick Davis — who reportedly shaved his head after the incident — out of a lineup. Han, he added, had “left home drunk and angry” after a fight with his wife. “I want to know how drunk and how angry Mr. Han was. What was Mr. Han doing to my client?”

Assistant District Attorney James Lin countered that Davis “has admitted to lifting [the victim] off his feet and pushing off the wall behind him to add more force.” And he allegedly watched what happened next before running away: “The defendant never once offered any aid to the victim as the train approached the platform and in fact, this defendant watched the train hit the victim,” Lin said.

Our family is grieving now, but we want to thank everyone who has reached out to us and offered their help. We are suffering in sorrow but we have the support of our family, friends and church to help us through this time,” the victim’s 20-year-old daughter Ashley Han said in court. “I just wish I had one last chance to tell my dad how much I love him,” she told reporters. Asked about speculation that bystanders could have helped, Han responded, “What’s done is done.”

Accused Subway Pusher Says the Victim Started It