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Greenwich Village ‘Hippie Types’ Arrested With Bomb-making Explosives

This likely won’t make the Dalton newsletter. Photo: Courtesy of The Dalton School

One resident of a walk-up apartment in Greenwich Village found out that the “hippie types” in his building — described to Gothamist as “very friendly, very nice,” (her) and “not the type of person who encouraged politeness,” (him) — were actually sitting on a cache of weapons and bombmaking explosives, according to the New York Post.

NYPD went to 9th Street Saturday to question Morgan Gliedman about alleged credit card theft when they found a plastic container with seven grams of a white chemical powder called HMTD; a chemical that the Post says is so powerful, “cops evacuated several nearby buildings.”

Besides the powder, the apartment also contained a flare launcher, a modified twelve gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun, ammo, and nine high-capacity rifle magazines, sources told the Post. Cops also allegedly uncovered papers about creating homemade booby traps, improvising submachine guns, and several handwritten notebooks containing chemical formulas.

Through interviews with anonymous sources in the Post and Gothamist, we know that Gliedman, 27, is a nine-month pregnant Dalton grad and the daughter of top doctor Paul Gliedman and realtor Susyn Schops Gliedman. “Baby daddy” Aaron Greene is 31, a graduate from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and no stranger to run-ins with the law.

Though the New York Times has a police official saying “it did not appear that the powder was being used to make a bomb,” one resident couldn’t help but make the link:

Every time this happens they interview the dumb neighbors and they always say, ‘Oh, I would have never thought they could do this!’ But everyone who lives in the Village will tell you about the bomb explosion,” the neighbor said, referring to the Weathermen’s bomb factory at 18 West 11th Street that accidentally blew up in 1970. “It’s crazy that this happened, but anything can happen. Nothing surprises me anymore.”

While we ask ourselves just how well we know our neighbors this morning, please excuse us while we also go bake them some friendly banana bread.

Bomb-making Explosives in Village Apartment