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Botched Bronx Robbery Became Days-Long Ordeal of Torture, Cops Say

Close up of a semi-automatic pistol
Close up of a semi-automatic pistol Photo: Stockdisc

A nightmare of torture in which three men and a woman allegedly beat, bound, and urinated on a Bronx woman started with an ambush outside the victim’s home, police said. The four suspects allegedly held and tortured the woman for two days after they ambushed her and realized she was broke. When her boyfriend finally dropped by her place, police said they allegedly stabbed him, pistol whipped him, bound him with duct tape, and brought him over to his apartment, where they stole jewelry, electronics, and $40,000 in cash. Police arrested three men but are still hunting for 35-year-old Lisa Hylton, the New York Daily News reports.

Botched Bronx Robbery Became Ordeal of Torture