Defense Releases Photo of George Zimmerman’s Bloodied Face

In an effort to bolster George Zimmerman’s claim that he killed Trayvon Martin in self-defense, on Monday his legal team posted a photo taken by a police officer shortly after the incident on the website A grainy black-and-white version of the photo was included in a batch of evidence released by the state in May, but this is the first time the high-resolution photo has been made public. Zimmerman is launching a new fund-raising effort and was accused of trying to sell his autograph last week when his lawyers announced he’d be sending handwritten thank-you cards to donors. Zimmerman’s lawyers say he’s “wanted to send Thank You Cards for some time” and it’s “presumptuous to assume that George’s signature is a valuable enough commodity to be an effective motivator for people to donate.”

Defense Releases Shot of Zimmerman’s Bloody Face