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It’s the End of the World For NASA’s Phone Operators

NASA has finally realized it’s been giving everyone in the country way too much credit as it explains why the world is not going to end in two days. First it reached out to the nation’s 11-year-olds because it had been getting a lot of worried letters from them and, you know, they’re children so they’re kind of jumpy anyway. Then last week it saw fit to release its Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday video early, just to make sure everybody was on the same page. It didn’t work. According to the Los Angeles Times, terrified phone calls to the agency have as much as tripled in the days leading up to the alleged end of the Mayan calendar on Friday: “Dwayne Brown, an agency spokesman, said NASA typically receives about 90 calls or emails per week containing questions from people. In recent weeks, he said, that number has skyrocketed — from 200 to 300 people are contacting NASA per day to ask about the end of the world.” If ever a group of people were looking forward to the day after tomorrow, it’s these guys: Whether we all die a fiery death or not, at least the phone calls will stop.

It’s the End of the World for NASA’s Operators