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Brooklyn Couple Offers Free Rent for Help With New Year’s Resolution

You know how New Year’s resolutions usually go. You tell yourself you’re going to eat more vegetables, and you do, for about a week or two. But then you gradually eat fewer and fewer, and eventually eating vegetables at all only serves to remind you of your personal failures, so by mid-February you stop eating them altogether.

Well, one gay Brooklyn couple is taking their resolution-keeping efforts to the next level this year. According to an ad on Craigslist, they’re offering a living room “couch/bed” for free in exchange for, basically, motivation.

You — gay, straight, doesn’t matter — would have to go to the gym with one of them and go walking with the other, and help both of them “make healthy daily eating choices.” Also, you might have to spank one of them — or something, it’s not clear — approximately once a week. Whether or not you’re into that kind of thing, have you seen what rent is like in New York lately? This is a steal.

Brooklyn Couple Offers Free Rent for Motivation