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George H.W. Bush Bantering With Nurses, Missing Dim Sum in Intensive Care

George H.W. Bush is having a frustrating time in Houston’s Methodist Hospital, where he’s been since late November, and his health problems are cramping his holiday style. Just as he’s recovering from the cough that got him admitted in the first place, the former president was sent to the intensive care unit on Sunday, his spokesman said Wednesday, thanks to a fever that’s been increasing over the course of the week. He’s been put on a liquid diet and doctors are fighting the fever with Tylenol, the Houston Chronicle reported, but so far it’s not responding.

The liquid diet meant Bush 41 was unable to participate in the family Christmas tradition of brunch at GiGi’s Asian Bistro, the Chronicle reports. But that didn’t stop Barbara, his son Neil, Neil’s wife, Maria, and his grandson Pierce, from dropping by with takeout from the family favorite (Jeb and George W. weren’t there, but they have visited him). Here’s hoping he at least got some soup.

Bush is in “guarded condition” in Methodist Hospital in Houston where his spokesman said doctors were “cautiously optimistic,” according to the Associated Press. Bush 41 is awake and alert, surrounded by family, and keeping up a “running banter” with his nurses, his spokesman told the Chronicle. “His doctors have said emphatically this is not the end game.”

George H.W. Bush Is Now in Intensive Care