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Gov. Cuomo’s Christmas Tree Is a ‘Hot Mess’ With a Hot Tiger

The instant online reaction to Sandra Lee’s tweeted photo of her and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Christmas tree has been fun to read, if pretty mean. The photo, apparently from inside the couple’s Westchester home, only went up a couple hours ago. But already it’s been labeled a “hot mess,” “terrible,” “the ugliest Christmas tree I have ever seen in my entire life,” and, um, “elegant.” Highlights include the “bedazzled tiger” curled up below, and what appear to be Lee’s initials about two thirds of the way up. For our part, we’re fond of the matching white menagerie in the branches, including sparrows, reindeer, and … are those partridges up at the top there? Festive!

[h/t Kate Nocera]

Gov. Cuomo’s Christmas Tree Is a ‘Hot Mess’