John Heilemann on Morning Joe: State and Local Gun Laws ‘Toothless’ Without Federal Gun-Control Policy

The elementary-school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday obviously dominated the discussion on Morning Joe today, with our own John Heilemann reminding the panel of what President Obama said, that no set of laws can stop senseless acts of violence. And while states, and even Newtown itself, have tried to pass their own gun-control laws (a waiting period and background check apparently blocked gunman Adam Lanza from purchasing a gun from at least one store), ultimately these policy efforts fail without the backing of federal laws, Heilemann said. “This Connecticut law is a decent law; it’s still a really weak law compared to what it could be,” Heilemann said. “And it’s made weaker still by the absence of federal enforcement … without a federal backing mechanism that keeps guns from trafficking across state lines, those laws are largely toothless on that front.”

Heilemann on Weak State and Local Gun Laws