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Jon Stewart Shocked to Learn That Cory Booker Tweets

Ostensibly, Jon Stewart reads many of the hefty tomes authors plug on The Daily Show, yet it seems he didn’t bother to learn some of the most basic facts about Cory Booker before Thursday’s interview. As the Newark mayor described the 140-character sparring that led to him eating canned vegetables for the last week, Stewart interrupted him. “You’re on Twitter?” he asked. “I am very much on Twitter,” answered Booker. At least Stewart was somewhat familiar with Booker’s heroic feats. “You pull babies out of burning buildings, you have reversed the rotation of the earth to save Lois Lane. How does this happen to you? Do you patrol at night? Are you filming an episode of Cops?” Stewart asked. Booker said he just gets “attention for things that, frankly, a lot of people in my city do every day.” The only difference is that when the average Newark resident complains about the Hot Pocket crisis, coupons for hundreds of free microwavable treats don’t show up in their mailbox.

Jon Stewart Shocked to Learn Cory Booker Tweets