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Lawyer Says Subway Pusher’s Actions Might Have Been ‘Justified’

Last week Naeem Davis, who’s been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly pushing 58-year-old Ki-Suck Han onto the subway tracks, told reporters than Han attacked him first. Picking up on that theme, in court today Davis’s lawyer, Stephen Pokart, said his client may have shoved Han in self-defense. Pokart noted that multiple witnesses say Han was drunk, and video shows Davis telling the Queens father to leave him alone. “If he pushed to get him away from him, it may have been justified,” Pokart said. “Unfortunately, it appears that the push was too hard and he fell off the platform.” When asked outside the court why Davis didn’t help Han if it was all just a terrible accident, Pokart suggested that he might have been “stunned.” The case will go before a grand jury by next Tuesday.

Lawyer: Subway Pusher Might Be ‘Justified’