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Mayor Bloomberg Will Never Stop ‘Running Things’

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 21: Mayor Michael Bloomberg attends Paul McCartney's & Nancy Shevell's party at The Bowery Hotel on October 21, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)
Photo: Rob Kim/2011 Getty Images

Mayor Bloomberg has just one year left in his decade-spanning mayoralty, but he claims that he still hasn’t given much thought to what he’ll do once he leaves City Hall. “I really don’t know,” he told a New York Post reporter over a snack of peanut-butter-filled crackers. He does have some ideas about what he won’t do, though: “I would not be a good teacher, writer, analyst, reporter, consultant.” Why the aversion to all those perfectly respectable career choice? With characteristic humility, he explained, “Those are not things I do. I’m a doer. I run things. Make decisions.” Fortunately for him, he’s still in charge of a massive charity foundation and a billion-dollar media conglomerate, ensuring that he’ll never be at a loss for things to run and decisions to make.

He did promise not to “second guess” the next mayor (he also claimed that he “hasn’t even thought about” who that might be, which is a lie.)  “If the public wants bad government, the public has a right to bad government,” he said when asked about  the possibility of his successor doing away with some of the policies he put in place. “You can’t run it from the grave. You can’t think you have the only answer. If somebody’s got a different idea and it works, fine.”