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John McAfee Has Already Sold the Rights to His Biopic

John McAfee is already the subject of a graphic novel by his friend Chad Essley, but the tech mogul knows his zany exploits can’t be contained in the pages of a single book. According to the Hollywood Reporter, McAfee has sold the rights to his life story to the Canadian TV production company Impact Future Media, which was co-founded by Brian Fitzgerald, who just happens to be McAfee’s official spokesman. The New York Post reports that Fitzgerald hopes to turn the project, which is tentatively titled Running in the Background: The True Story of John McAfee, into a book and a movie. “We’re wanting to do it sooner rather than later,” said Fitzgerald. “[But] since the story is still unfolding, I think it would be premature to go into production.” These sorts of projects are usually easier to write once you’ve determined whether the main character is a victim of persecution or a crazed murderer on the lam.

McAfee Has Already Sold the Rights to His Biopic