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Mexican Pot Smugglers Take a Page From Mythbusters’ Book

The latest gadget being used to get drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border could have come straight from the TV show Mythbusters: a pneumatic cannon that shoots cans of pot into Arizona. Cops found 33 cans containing a total of 85 pounds of weed, in a field just this side of the border, the AP reported. “They believe the cans were launched about 500 feet into the U.S. using a pneumatic-powered cannon. After searching the area, agents recovered a carbon dioxide tank.” It sounds so much like something they would make on Mythbusters, where they’ve already built several pneumatic cannons, including one that shoots cans. The cannon is also an evolution from the smugglers’ previous cross-border catapult. Cartels are a force for evil, sure, but dreaming up ways to propel packages of weed over a border fence must be one of the most fun jobs in the organization. Probably the only one.

Mexican Pot Smugglers Go Full Mythbusters