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Mitch McConnell Responds to Question About Gun Control by Not Saying Anything for Sixteen Seconds

So, NRA-endorsed Joe Manchin is ready to talk about gun control. How about some actual Republicans? Are they ready to have that conversation? Apparently not, according to an encounter that CNN Radio reporter Lisa Desjardins had with Senate Minority Turtle Leader Mitch McConnell in the Senate hallway:

Desjardins: Is now a time to debate our gun laws in this country?

McConnell: [Makes a noise like a turtle clearing its throat, continues walking.]

Desjardins: No comment either way?

McConnell: [Walks in silence.]

Desjardins: A lot of our viewers say they’d like that debate. No comment?

McConnell: [Walks in silence.]

The end.

Listen to Mitch McConnell Ignore Gun Question